Single-variety Arbequina.
The first green olives of each harvest create our most prized Extra Virgin Oil.

Appearance: Intense green colour
Nose: Fresh fruit aroma
Taste: Intense, balanced and with body


Single-variety Arbequina.
This olive is grown naturally and organically on the Pedralva estate and produces outstanding oil.

Appearance: Gilded green colour
Nose: Freshly-picked olives
Taste: Harmonious, balanced and with body


Single-variety Arbequina.
The year-round care provided, especially during the harvest, ensures that this Extra Virgin Oil has a unique personality.

Appearance: Green colour with golden glint
Nose: Aromas of fresh grass and garden
Taste: Elegant with a very intense finish

Award Winning Premier Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Awards obtained in New York,Los Angeles, Japan, China, Italy, Portugal and Spain have ensured that our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are always among the best of the world according to The World's Best Olive Oil (WBOO)*.

Our Prizes & Awards

AVPA (The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products)
Olive Japan
L'Orciolo D'Oro (Enohobby Club Dei Colli Malatestiani Gradara)
New York International Olive Oil Competition
Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
Selection Das Genussmagazin
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra-Premio Ovibeja
World's Best Oil Mills
World's Best Olive Oil
China International Olive Oil Competition
Mario Solinas Award – COI/IOC
Olive D'Or – Goutte D'Argent
Expoliva 2015
10 Evodleum
Leone De Oro 2017
London iiooc
SIAL Canada 2016

* WBOO is a non-profit organization aimed at building a ranking of the world´s best extra virgin olive oils based on the results of major international competitions.

Our Prizes & Awards