Advantages of the trellised olive grove

INNOLIVA has been using this system for years on its farms, divided between Spain and Portugal. 

Madrid, August 25, 2017. 

Currently, the emergence of intensive trellis systems has generated uncertainty about the future of traditional, majority until today. INNOLIVA is always committed to innovation in its crops, being the first producer of olive oil on espalier.

The trellis system is gaining hectares year after year due to the great advantages it offers over the rest. The main one resides in the mechanization of the olive harvest. It is harvested from the tree and at the optimum moment of ripeness, so the oils obtained correspond, almost entirely, to Extra Virgin Olive Oils (AOVE).

On the other hand, olive grove plantations are in production in the third or fourth year compared to the traditional or intensive system, which need a longer time. In addition, the cost decreases both in the harvest and in the pruning because it is a mechanized system.

The varieties used in the trellis system are very early but very productive, highlighting the Arbequina, Arbosana or Koroneiki. In INNOLIVA the Arbequina variety predominates almost in its entirety.

From this production company based in Navarra we firmly believe in the advantages obtained thanks to this system, which we consider “totally innovative” and “calculated to improve the productivity of the olive grove”.

We also emphasize the importance of the design and organization of this type of olive grove, which facilitates a “quick, clean and less aggressive” harvest for the tree compared to other older methods.

About Innoliva 

The company, which has its head office in Pamplona (Spain), owns more than 5,000 hectares of irrigated olive groves, located in Spain and Portugal, where the Mediterranean climate gives the olive tree the ideal environment for the development and maturation of the fruit; and it favors the obtaining of Extra Virgin Olive Oils with excellent sensory qualities.

With its production system, they guarantee the integral traceability of the entire process: from the olive tree to the final customer.

They make their Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold in the shortest time possible from the entrance of the olive in the oil mill. And they take care of the oil already produced to maintain their excellent sensory and healthy qualities as long as possible.

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