The qualities of EVOO make a difference

INNOLIVA remembers that it is in the Extra Virgin variety where maximum excellence is found 

Madrid, September 1, 2017. 

Olive oil has become a staple food, one of the star products of the Mediterranean diet. Despite its high consumption, few Spanish households really know the differences between liquid gold varieties. INNOLIVA encourages the consumer to include the juice of olives in their diet and highlights the benefits of the Extra Virgin variety.

Within the wide range of possibilities, we must highlight the quality and benefits of virgin olive oils. According to the International Olive Council (IOC) there are four classes within this group: the EVOO, the AOV, the current and the lampante.
The extraction process, the acidity and the score obtained after the sensory analysis can be the key elements to be able to distinguish between the types of olive oil.

In the case of the Virgin and Extra Virgin category, both have been obtained by purely mechanical processes and have not undergone any of the chemical treatments. Its quality is optimal, but the EVOO contains a degree of acidity less than 0.8% and no type of defect, while the Virgin variety can reach 2% in degree of acidity and a minimum percentage of failures. In addition, the score obtained after the qualified tasting must be above 6.5 in the Extra Virgin variety, compared to the 5.5 required in the AOV.

On the other hand, all those who do not comply with this type of standards are considered lampantes and are not suitable for consumption. Therefore, they are refined with chemical processes to eliminate defects and a minimum percentage of virgin olive oil is added. Despite this, its quality is far below the rest of the varieties.
In addition, the EVOO has a greater amount of oleic acid, emphasizes its aroma and flavor, properties that in the rest of the varieties are negligible. Therefore, from INNOLVA we highlight this category as the maximum excellence.

From the producer we deliver a harvest based on a healthy olive and in an optimum state of maturation, and we make our EVOO cold and in the shortest possible time from the entry of the fruit into the mill. Afterwards, we take care of the oil already produced to maintain its excellent sensory and healthy qualities as long as possible.

About Innoliva 

The company, which has its head office in Pamplona (Spain), owns more than 5,000 hectares of irrigated olive groves, located in Spain and Portugal, where the Mediterranean climate gives the olive tree the ideal environment for the development and maturation of the fruit; and favors obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oils with excellent sensory qualities. </ strong>

With its production system, they guarantee the integral traceability of the entire process: from the olive tree to the final customer.

Cold elaborate its Extra Virgin Olive Oil </ strong> in the shortest possible time from the entrance of the olive in the oil mill. And they take care of the oil already produced to maintain their excellent sensory and healthy qualities as long as possible.

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